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Fri Mar 20 19:22:15 PDT 2009

%20 in conjunction with the :F:L:I:M:I:S:I:P:L:A:S:T: :D:A:T:A:B:A:S:E: Unfortunately Presents 

後面偷掴懶與媒介  aka  "Thee Backslacpkping with Media"

The full FAQ can be found here:

A shorter description being that tBSWM can be viewed as any of the following:

1. A documediamentary (pseudo-analytical narrative) of the media coverage of the movie Star Wars Episode III "Revenge of the Sith".
2. A response to the 'backstroke of the west' subtitles, 133t Trailer censoring and Elite Torrent takedown.
3. But also hopefully a seed for an alternative type of media interaction.

What has happened is that %20 has deformed several score hours of media (corporate and individual) on the chosen topic, then reformed those hours by deliberate creative decision making to unveil biases/patterns/memes which will hopefully inform those who choose to watch.  (not recommended for those not interested in the topic)

The DVD "Thee Backslcpkping With Media" is available on usenet.  Certain chapters are available in the Chapters section of the FAQ.  The Ogg/Theora codec (http://theora.org/) is required for viewing.

The goal (option 3 : where tBSWM is seen as a proof of concept) is to promote the idea that fairly easily (says it without any programming skillz) website/programs could be created which could recompile online video repositories.  Imagine recompiling the last 40 years of your favorite 6 o'clock news to sync up with a wikipedia entry or indepth newspaper article.  You, the viewer, choose the topic / duration (other variables) and when and how much they want to absorb.

more specifics in the FAQ:

Consumer Whore
Corporate Shill
Wannabee Cultural Chimera

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