[Rumori] %20 & HH's "Money" Mashed Media

PeterALopez pl1x at earthlink.net
Fri Jan 27 18:57:54 PST 2006

Thanks, the HH film although gives a really good sense of creative spirit and HHs' impulses.  There's something impressive about the insane amount of editing that was accomplished pre digital.  Also since i watched it several times it was odd to hear the different hard (film) edits verses some of the tape deck? slightly slurred audio edits.  With only one viewing it's hard to penetrate what's going on in the HH film.  Everything seems to wash over you after awhile.  I couldn't pick out most of the words/sentences stated, but having watched it, with an editing ear, to find relevant clips, then more of it made sense.  Watched the HH piece on friday, did a preliminary cut on saturday (helps to have half the piece already edited), where i left in more of the HH piece, some of the squawnks and non word clips, but those we're cut out on the sunday edit, when i decided to focus on the HH words which made more sense as a counter current to the sith money droneing.  

"unwanted" bad choice of words, i, obviously wanted to do it... ahh the perils of being in a schtick coma.
Seventeen Billion.

On Jan 22, 2006, at 5:11 PM, PeterALopez wrote:
>> Present the unwanted video mashup

Thank you Peter! Far from being unwanted, I think it's a considerable  
improvement over the HH film (which I found kind of pretentious and  

Q: did you just do the mashup yesterday?!? bravo.

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